How To Pace Yourself for Those all-day Barbeques

Here are a few different ways to get you through those all-day BBQ.

2 Feb 2021

Whether you consider yourself a ‘light-weight’ or you just know that you drink too much when you are thirsty, and can’t make it through a long afternoon session in the sun, having that ‘one drink’ too much can leave you feeling not so great about what should have been an amazing afternoon. So, what can you do about it, without feeling like you are missing out?


Well, the great news is that there is a lot of new amazing low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks available for you to experiment with. There are options that can allow you to participate, without falling foul to excess. Here are a few different tactics to try. Everyone is different and it is about finding out what is best for you.


If you want to reduce or make your day longer and more fun, you don’t need to cut out alcohol completely. It’s your choice.


Friends having BBQ


Obviously, if you are driving, or have a reason not to drink at all, avoiding alcohol is the only choice. For a long time in the Australian culture, it was really hard to say, ‘I’m not drinking today!’ Good old-fashioned mateship meant having to partake to excess or being ridiculed.


However, today, times are changing, attitudes are changing and being able to say, “I am not drinking today!” is on-trend, never mind just acceptable! Whether you are taking your athletic activities seriously, your yin/yang yoga balance or just being sensible, it is more acceptable than ever to say – not today. Thankfully, you are also no longer relegated to Diet Coke or Orange Juice! You can choose a zero alcohol beer, wine or spirits.



Drinking in the hot midday sun is a sure-fire way to an early finish! So why not plan to quench your thirst with a Zero Beer or Wine for the first 2 hours of your afternoon? Have a few drinks with Zero Alcohol and allow them to quench your thirst before you start consuming alcohol when it gets cooler.



I am sure we all know about the water chaser. How many times have you promised that you are going to have a glass of water in between each drink? How has that gone for you in the past? Some people are really good at it, but it is a big contrast and can be forgotten.
Having a non-alcoholic beer or wine as a spacer will allow you to continue to feel part of the party while keeping you in control. Use your Zero drinks as a thirst quencher rather than the main event.



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