The Zero Bucket List With Jessica Rowe

Having a cold one or two may seem part of Aussie culture, but the stereotype of a nation of hard boozers is no longer the reality, a new national survey* has found. While the common perception may be that abstaining from alcohol is boring, more Australians across all generations and sexes are increasingly comfortable opting for non-alcoholic when socialising.

In a recent survey, Australians found attitudes to social drinking are split, with almost half of Aussies (45%) saying they don’t think alcohol-free means being unsociable and 54% saying they would always feel comfortable choosing alcohol-free options at an event.

In response to this, this July, McGuigan Zero together with Jessica Rowe, author, Proud Crap Housewife and podcaster, are challenging Aussies to prove to yourself (more than anyone else) that you don’t have to miss out, while hitting pause on the booze. The self-confessed mum joker has created the ‘Zero Bucket List’ - 10 fun challenges to try on a zero-alcohol count.

Jessica says, “Hitting pause on alcohol gives Aussies the freedom to achieve more and get more out of life. McGuigan Zero wine range lets you enjoy your wine moment, just without the alcohol. This July I’m encouraging Aussies to tick off 100% of our 0% bucket list. There are so many things to do that don’t involve a single drop of alcohol but are made better by good company!”

Will you be joining us on The Nought(y) List?

Jessica Rowe in a red and pink shirt sitting on a chair smiling

Jess Rowe’s Zero Bucket List

  1. Crack out the walking shoes – discover the natural beauty of your neighbourhood on foot.
  2. Meet mates at a comedy open-mic night – I do love trying out my ‘mum jokes’ on my family so hope to discover some new material.
  3. Read one new book each week – they’re how we can time travel, escape and explore new places and lives.
  4. Implement a daily meditation or mindfulness habit – I rate a gratitude journal.
  5. Take a night class – paint live art or try night photography, you just might make some new like-minded adult friends.
  6. Do karaoke – I wish I could sing but that will never stop me (no liquid courage needed) or my girlfriends from trying.
  7. Sip on some non-alcoholic mocktails - start with McGuigan Zero wine range, add some fun garnishes and invite your relatives or colleagues over for a party!
  8. Volunteer – helping others is a wonderful way to make your heart full.
  9. Host a movie night – and ask your guests to dress up to match the characters.
  10. Learn a craft – instead of sipping on a boozy beverage while you watch your favourite show, keep those hands busy by making something new (think knitting or embroidering).
Glass of McGuigan Zero Sparkling at a picnic

A sober period doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking wine! Keep your wine rack stocked full of delicious alcohol-free wines for when you feel the pull for a treat. Our range includes five delicious, rich and full-flavoured non-alcoholic varietals. They are crafted just like our other wines but have an extra step to remove the alcohol at the end of the production process.

And as an added bonus, McGuigan Zero wines are lower in calories, sugar and are gluten-free.

Why not try our top sellers:

  • McGuigan Zero Rosé - This non-alcoholic sweet rosé has the scent of garden flowers combined with fresh strawberries and citrus fruits. It’s an absolutely perfect choice for a baby shower.
  • McGuigan Zero Sparkling - With refreshing aromas of crisp pear and green apple, this lively booze-free bubbles is a fantastic option for celebrating a birthday or anniversary.
  • McGuigan Zero Shiraz - Subtle spice and vanilla notes complement the plum and forest berry aromas of this sweet and balanced alcohol-free shiraz. It’s an excellent alternative to serve with a warm and comforting Sunday night roast dinner.


*About the survey: The YouGov study was conducted online between 6th - 9th June 2022, comprising of a nationally representative sample of 1051 Australians aged 18 years and older.