Zero Rose, Zero Sauv Blanc, Zero Chardonnay with cheese

McGuigan Zero: Our Range of Alcohol-Free Wines

10 Jun 2020

McGuigan Wines has responded to the global acceleration of moderation and abstention by expanding its portfolio to offer consumers greater choice across the wine category.


With an intensifying moderation mindset sweeping global markets, AVL has responded through the launch of McGuigan Zero, a range of zero alcohol wines that are now available across key markets including Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand.


The portfolio expansion coincides with a marked shift in consumer behaviour, with a mindful attitude toward moderate and responsible alcohol intake now a global consumer trend. Indeed the no alcohol wine category is now worth $1.1M domestically on the back of 800% growth (IRI MAT to 3 May 2020), whilst the UK – a more established no alcohol wine market – has increased 15% to £23M (Nielsen Scantrack 52WE 13.06.20).


Commenting on the trend, Scott Burton, AVL Marketing Director said: ‘Consumers are certainly putting more thought into moderating the amount of alcohol they consume.


McGuigan Zero gives those consumers who are abstaining or moderating, a known and trusted choice as they navigate the solo category.’

It’s about consumer choice – we are focused on putting the consumer at the heart of our business – so the move into the zero alcohol category was a natural fit for the McGuigan brand. Less than a year since its launch, McGuigan Zero has become part of the consumers' repertoire within the category, and we see zero alcohol as an important consumer offering as the behaviour continues to change and evolve.

The McGuigan Zero range – with an RRP of $12 – is now available in Australia through all major retailers and includes Shiraz, Sparkling, Rosé, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.